Black Bathrooms Full of Marble

Welcome back everyone! This promises to be the sharpest post on my home and garden blog yet, and that isn’t because I am writing about marble countertops. Almost everyone likes marble, and if they don’t they really should. Black marble especially, is characterized by beauty, elegance and the ability to put your eyes in a lock. If you are one of those people going through the incredibly difficult task of renovating your bathroom, then consider adding some tones of this beautiful dark rock through the room. 


When being used in the shower, black marble alone can be a little distracting. The darkness absorbs the heat from the water as well as the light, making for a dark and hot shower. Mixing black with white marble in the shower however makes for some great designs, like a feature from Hannah Crowell that uses marble tiles as opposed to whole slabs of marble. The choice is not only more cost efficient, but also a more striking choice as it allows for a greater contrast between light and darkness. 


What could you do to a marble sink to make it look more luxurious? Make it black marble instead. Now that it is all dark, add in some touches of gold and you have a work of art. I love the bathroom featured in the latest copy of vogue home which also has a copper faucet. Trying to combine these two metals on the opposite end of the spectrum is a bold move cotton, but it seems to have played off. I think this is in part to the copper piping that sticks out from the bottom of the sink, and if this was on top of a counter piece the appeal would be lost to me.


 Black Marble Floor