Breaking Up With Belongings

Hello readers old and new alike; welcome to my home and garden blog. Everyone comes to a point in their life where you realized that you have way too much stuff for what you use, where you live etc etc. This could be because everything has sentimental meaning to you, or because you buy way too much cheap stuff online from places like’s me). In any case, you will eventually need to declutter your life and break up with your belongings. That is what I aim to help you all with today, as a professional de-clutterer I am here to share with you the tricks of the trade. Something to remember before you start is that some rooms need more focus than others; for example the man cave that was recently finished probably doesn’t need anything cleared out.

Clutter Before

Make a List

When it comes to all those things that you absolutely need, there is always some wiggle room you just need to allow yourself the ability to wiggle. I went and bought myself a used whiteboard from and wrote everything I was keeping on it, and then made myself pick six things from the list that I didn’t need. Sometimes this can be difficult which is where the fire clause comes in. This means that you look at two things, and decide which one you would take with you in a fire. Try it out, it really works! Some Other good tricks are deciding what purpose everything in your house has, and if you find something that serves no purpose then that can be thrown away. You have to remember though, keep the things that truly bring you happiness.

Whiteboard List

Actual Storage

If you have anything valuable or really special to you and it is sitting in a cardboard bank box or moving box, you need to change that right away. Go and get yourself some storage boxes, I prefer to get the cheaper ones from and stack them on each other. Other friends who live in houses with shorter ceiling however have had better results with the storage boxes at Ikea, so I guess it just comes down to personal preference and the room you have available. Whichever route you go, try and make sure that the boxes are the same size or at least fit together ratio wise. This is to help them stack on top of each other as well as keeping the boxes stable when stacked on each other as they can essentially “click” together.

Deep Breathing

Cleaning out all the things that you have collected over the years can be very stressful, so remember to breath deep and stay calm. I hope you all enjoyed this post, I felt it could be very beneficial to anyone who is going through similar stuff to me right now. If you want to read a similar post written by me, then why not check out one of my gardening posts, such as this one on what to plant in the winter.

Clutter After