Cats In The Home

Hi folks. How many of you out there have a cat? I just love cats and was compelled to write this blog post to share my thoughts on the correct way to treat and raise a young kitten when introducing it to your household.

Cat Preparation 

If you’re planning to become a cat owner, you must be prepared for the long term care that it will require. Cats make excellent companions. But you must be aware of their needs and requirements. Of course, it will need feeding and watering and will require specialist cat food that will help it maintain good health. In most cases, you will also have to provide cat litter and a litter tray for the cat’s toiletry needs. You may also want to invest in a scratch post and other toys to keep the cat entertained. I found this website to be an excellent online source of all things cat related:

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Cat Health Care

Probably most importantly is the need to get your cat properly inoculated and micro-chipped by a qualified and reputable vet. It is also advisable to find a good pet insurance policy as vet bill can be astronomical should your cat fall ill and need medical attention. Once the cat is old enough, it should be neutered as soon as possible. This allows the cat to enjoy a healthier, stress-free life. Males will be less inclined to wander and will not “spray” around the home. Females will not come on heat and will be unable to reproduce. The removal of their sexual organs also reduces the risk of cancer.

Prior to obtaining the cat you should consider potential hazards in the area around your home that will fall within the cat’s “territory” or area that it is likely to roam. Busy roads can be fatal for cats and other cats or dogs can also be a cause of stress. You may want to consider keeping the cat indoors permanently. This is widely practised with cat owners who have a big enough house and it is not considered unkind to the cat. If introduced to an indoors only lifestyle as kitten, the cat will not suffer any stress as a result of being kept indoors as it matures.

If you do allow your cat to roam outdoors, you should check it regularly for fleas and other parasites as well as ensuring regular worming. You may want to consider purchasing a cat tracker. This is collar for the cat emits a signal that can be tracked should it go missing for an overly long period.

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Kitten Training

In the case of a kitten, you must consider the importance of social training to ensure you raise a friendly and well-adjusted cat. Kittens have a limited window in which they can be effectively socialised, between 1 to 2 months of age They will continue to pick up social skills following this period although to a lesser extent. Correct handling by numerous people during this period will ensure the effective socialisation of your kitten. As such, it is critical that you know how to correctly handle your kitten so as they don’t instinctively learn to avoid it.

Kittens should be socialised with humans on a one-on-one basis to start with. Toys and treats are excellent aids to the success of these interactions. As it grows in confidence, you can start introducing it to situations where more than one human in the room or vicinity. When socialising with children, the interaction should be calm, controlled and safe for all parties involved. Nervous or frightened kittens can both scratch and bite and cause some nasty injuries to kids if the situation becomes uncontrolled. If you already have other pets in the household, the kitten should be introduced slowly and not in such a way that it becomes overwhelmed. It is paramount to maintain positive interaction experiences for the kitten. If it begins to show signs of unease at any point they should be removed from the situation. Kittens do not respond to punishment under any circumstances.It will only serve to weaken the bond of trust between you and your cat and is therefore counter-productive.

There is a lot of benefit to interactive play with your cat, as this can encourage physical and mental exercise, reduce boredom and prevent stress in the animal. It also serves to strengthen the bond between the owner and the cat. Play time should be controlled and safe for owner and cat. Cat’s also enjoy a massage which can further strengthen the bond between the feline and it’s owner. Most cats do not like having their stomachs stroked, despite their habit of rolling on their backs and display their undersides, so this should be avoided at all costs. Check out this website for more info on cats:

Until next time folks!

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