Energy Saving Inside & Out

I’ve been thinking of ways recently that we can cut-down our household bills as now my partner is temporary out of work with a bad-back & only receiving partial pay, times are a little tight. Plus, we have winter fast approaching & we will already be using up more gas & electric as we spend more time at home, keeping warm.

Now I’m not much of a DIY expert so I don’t really know too much about how we can improve the efficiency of our home but I am trying to change my mind-set a bit. Of course, the starting point was to change out all the light bulbs to energy saving. As far as mind-set goes, its remembering to close windows, turn off lights & appliances when they don’t need to be on, that sort of thing. We had a smart monitor installed too so we can start to see which things are using up the most energy. The kettle and shower really do use a lot so we are trying to be more sensible about the way we use those. Don’t boil the kettle, forget about it & let it go cold & don’t have a 10 minute shower when 5 minutes is plenty. It all helps & we’re starting to see a change.



The next thing I want to do, before the weather gets too cold, is to get the garden looking nice. We won’t use it as much in the winter of course but we do sit out with the log fire sometimes, especially if its been snowing as its lovely to sit out, roast some marshmallows & look at the beautiful surroundings. I don’t want to spend lots of money on running lighting so we are currently exploring the different solar options. Some look a bit tacky but the right ones, can be very cheap & very nice looking. I’ll have to pop on a few pictures when its finished. Well, if I’m happy with it that is.