Home Automation Starter Kits

Home Automation Starter Kits

Hello to all my readers once again and welcome back. I’ve been focused on a home improvement project for the past week that has had all my spare time literally tied up. I bought a used Home Automation Starter Kit online from the classified ads which I have been installing. I am not really that tech savvy and was a little intimidated by thought of setting up my own home automation system. But I managed to muddle through and now it us up and running for the most part. I’m sure there will be a few technical glitches along the line but I am sure I can deal with them quite easily as they arise. I am really excited about it and wanted to use this blogpost to run you through exactly what level of automation it provides, (assuming you are interested. Of course you are!) It really does represent a jump into a new technological age in my mind. Remember the 1989 film Back To The Future 2? When Marty goes to the year 2015 and everything in his future home is automated? Well, it turns out that the film maker’s predictions were right! (I believe the hoverboard has even been invented also. But I’ll be steering well clear of any of those. Sounds like ticket for trouble to me). So let me give you the lowdown on exactly what my wireless home automation system is capable of.

Home automation starter kit

Home Automation

So what exactly is home automation? It is basically the ability to control the various appliances and utilities within your home wirelessly and remotely. Want to turn your bedroom light on without actually getting out of bed. No problem. Want to turn on the heating before you leave work. You got it! Want to start the kettle boiling without coming in from the bottom of the garden? Easy! Want to feed the cat whilst you are away for the weekend? A piece of cake. A home automation system allows you to do all of this and more via your computer, smartphone or tablet via the hub or “gateway”  in your home that is attached to sensors on all of your appliances and home utility systems. Truly twenty first century stuff! You can check out this review about the top 10 systems: http://www.toptenreviews.com/home/smart-home/best-home-automation-systems/

Home automation sysytem

Practical Applications

So here is an example of a practical application of a wireless home security system. On Friday I will be taking the family to my sister’s house for the weekend. The kids are in school on Friday and the wife and I are at our respective jobs until 5pm. So, how to manage this? We need to eat before we leave so dinner will be prepared and in the oven. The wife can turn that on to cook from her workplace at an appropriate time for it to be ready when we get home. I put some clothes in the washer dryer before leaving for work. So once I know that cycle has finished, I put them on a dry cycle in the knowledge that they will be washed and dried by the time I get home. On leaving work I can turn the heating on so that by the time I have picked up the kids from school and got home the house will be nice and warm. Naturally, the garage door will already be open as I come up the drive as I will started the opening process via my iPhone while I was still 100 metres down the road. The kids are going crazy because they think they have missed their favourite program. But all is not lost as the wife remembered to set it to record from the app interface on her tablet from the office. So, we  are fed packed and ready to go. We are only away for the weekend so we are not going to leave the cat with friends as she will be perfectly happy in the house on her own as long as she is fed and watered. And guess what, there is an app for that. I can initiate her automated feeder all the way from sisters. It is winter time, so although I do not want to waste power while we are away from the home, it is essential to warm it through a couple of times a day to avoid damp and freezing pipes. Easily done with a swipe of smartphone. Winner!

wireless Home automation sysytem


I couldn’t recommend a Home Automation Starter Kit enough folks. You might want to get a pro to install it for you but the cost will be worth it, trust me. That is enough from me for today. Thanks for your emails about my last post about Cats In The Home by the way. Be sure to let me know what you think of this blog post. Bye for now.